The color wheel is a tool for studying and harmonizing colors.

In it, the colors are side by side within a circle, in the same order as they
appear in the chromatic spectrum.
Colors are classified within this format and this classification helps us
understand how one color can be combined with another. This classification can
be used when decorating environments, so you can choose the colors of wall
paints. Find out below how the color classification in the chromatic circle makes
it easier to choose paint colors for floors, wood or any other place in the
house. Check out! They are blue, yellow and red; receive this name because
they give rise to the other colors.
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Like in the kindergarten, when we mixed
gouache colors. They can be combined with neutral tones such as grey, white,
black, wood tones and brown. Orange, Green and Purple. Mix between two
primaries (yellow + red = orange, etc). They can be combined with tertiary
colors, neutral colors or combined tone to tone for paint colors. In the decorative
design below, the orange and green secondary paint colors have been
harmonized in the outdoor area .