How to paint wall with oil paint?

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Applying oil paint to the wall
Follow our tips for applying oil paint to the wall:
Try mixing the oil paint with a proper mixer or even a stick or wooden slat;
Pour paint into a paint tray. Follow the instructions on the oil paint package. If you need
solvent, follow exactly the specified measures so as not to compromise the quality of the
paint, leaving it shallow;
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Wrap the roller and/or brush in the paint tray and remove excess;
Apply the paint to the wall, with even movements;
For the highest points on the wall, consider using an extender or ladder;
Respect the necessary drying time, according to the instructions of the chosen oil paint can;
Apply the coat and wait for it to dry.
Another important tip: on days with very hot temperatures or humid weather, avoid painting
the walls.
The weather directly affects the result of the painting. On wet days, by the way, oil paint takes
even longer to dry, so count on the weather to help.
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